Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We Can't All Be Right (so let's do it my way)

The presidential election of 2012 brings a sad realization for me. It's the first time in history that someone on the ticket is younger than I am. Paul Ryan has gone and made me a middle aged white guy. Thanks a lot, dude. And this year the big talk is the economy but need I remind you that in 2006 we lost a planet? That's right, a planet! Remember Pluto? An entire solar system has been downsized by over 11%. Okay, just jokes. But I'm a comedian, what'd you expect? 

Before being a comedian, I am an American and I have serious questions about life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. I have concerns about the state of truth, justice & The American Way? What about my constitutional freedoms and rights? I, along with over 60% of the population don't like direction we are going as a nation. The problem is that we many don’t seem to agree with me as to the right direction. 

I blame otherism for this. That's right, otherism: "a distinctive doctrine, cause, or theory" that is different than mine. Before you go and get all offended, I want to remind you that this is America and I have every right to point out the flaws and problems of this nation and those causing them.

I have the the Constitutional guarantee to share my point of view, the freedom to tell people when they are wrong and to call them names when they don't agree with me. I can make signs and march with other people who correctly believe the way that I do. This is the USA, baby and I can express myself. I have guaranteed 1st Amendment rights and by all means, I will exercise them.

A few days ago, my friend Eric Johnson, re-posted one of his great blogs. In it he gave his take on politics and the issue of fear vs faith from a Christian perspective. Although his point was a bit different than the point I'm attempting to make, it brought some old and similar thoughts back to my mind. Where does my allegiance lay? Is it with the "kingdom" of man or The Kingdom of God? And if I put my God above my country can I still be considered a good patriot?

I have had people tell me that it's my duty as a Christian to stand up and be heard and that I must join with the chorus shouting over the message of the "other side”. Our morals and way of life are "being assaulted" and it's up to us to stop those perpetrating this deed. It's been implied that to jump in guns blazing, figuratively speaking, is the patriotic thing to do.  

The problem is that there are American's and Christians on both sides of each issue. Am I to destroy my brothers and sisters and their character to ensure that my rightness beats out theirs?  On top of that, and more importantly, there is a world full of individuals who don't know the God we say we are standing up for.  The only glimpse they may get is the one of a man holding the WWJD sign in one hand while flipping me the bird with the other (which has really happened.) 

Don't misunderstand me. I believe that we are to be engaged in the electoral process and with the pulse of our culture. I believe that the sins of our nation will be judged and that this country will be punished for its broken covenants. I believe that our disobedience will not go ignored by our Creator. I believe that we are obligated to stand up for Israel and for the unborn. I believe as a nation we have allowed ourselves to stray from God and to put Him on a shelf next to the many other gods we serve. 

Are not the two greatest commandments we've been given to love God and to love our neighbors? Are His instructions supposed to take a backseat to our "rights"? We fight and divide over the principle that this country was founded by God and then forsake His commands and unwittingly mock Him while defending our right to do so on constitutional grounds. 

As a Christian, how do I glorify God by calling the President, his opponent or their supporters, poo poo heads? As both a Desert Storm veteran and as a man fully in love with Christ I caution you to not lose sight of who you are and what you truly stand for.  I choose to pray, to vote, and to calmly articulate my points of view. I choose to do my best to demonstrate Jesus to others by blessing and not cursing, even when we disagree.

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