Thursday, July 26, 2012

PIE, anyone?

I wear lots of hats and they are mostly interchangeable. Sometimes I take the stage and make people laugh (comedian). I encourage people to move forward in unity of purpose, or to live beyond what their circumstances may tell them is possible (motivational or inspirational speaker). I share biblical truths (minister) and share my take on life (husband, dad, papaw, friend and even blogger.) That's it. What I do, in a nutshell.

No matter the hat I wear, I just do my thing. I am who I am. I give people opportunities to laugh, to think, and/or be encouraged on to better living, beyond mediocrity, into excellence.

I've never been asked to title one of my speaking engagements. Until now. I am prepping for a motivational presentation and the client asked for the name and description of my talk. My first thought was, "Hey, great idea. That's something I should have considered previously." My second thought was "I'm hungry" which isn't unusual, because it seems I am always hungry.

After snacking, I found the strength to think more about my client's request. I realized just how big her query was. The wrong title could be disastrous to my business model. It has to cover what I do, in a catchy and clever way. It has to sum up for the audience what to expect from the presentation. My opening paragraph of this post tells what I do, but how do you encapsulate all of it in 5 words or less? Geesh lady, what are you doing to me here? Woosah.

Okay, first things first. What do I do? I grab some chips, that's what I do. No, self. What is my purpose when presenting to a group? I encourage people to be their best, to do their best. I let people know that our past doesn't define who we are and although our experiences contribute to that definition, how we choose to deal with our experiences is what truly defines us.

How we view our lives and circumstances is key. If we have been victimized by tragedy, we have an opportunity to be victims or conquerors. If we are in the midst of harsh circumstances, we can be quitters or go-getters. If we are excelling in certain areas, we can become arrogant or humble. Some come from a rough background seemingly unable to catch a break while some seem to have had all of the breaks. Some grew up with great nurture while others seem to have come into the world all alone and continue on that way.

I share with people that we make choices every day that will either point us toward higher living, toward status quo or to disaster. These choices are typically made based on our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us. Bruce Lee (yes, that Bruce Lee) said "As you believe, so shall you become" but even before he said it, Henry Ford said "Whether you believe you can, or you can't, you are right". But prior to either of them, a documented thought from thousands of years before was penned: "For as he thinks in his heart, so is he..." from Proverbs 23:7a. This sums it all up perfectly.

Do you believe that "this" is it, the best your life will ever be? Or do you choose to believe there is something greater? A hope for a future, a better life. A life beyond mediocrity, beyond drudgery. Even if you have a great life, don't you wonder if there is more? I sure hope so. Your perspective is everything. Great! I have a title for my presentation: P.erspective I.s E.verything. PIE.

What perspectives do you have that may be holding you back? In what way do you believe you may need a change? By the way, I believe there is One who has the ultimate perspective, and would be happy to share with you. If you don't know Him, ask. I'm hungry. A nice slice of Rhubarb Pie with a tall glass of milk would be great right about now. How about you?

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