Thursday, June 13, 2013

Storms of Life (Water in The Basement)

I don't know where you are, but here in north central Ohio, we got hit with a storm last night. Water going over people's car hoods, back yards converted by the inch to small lakes and of course, flooded basements. What's worse than finding 2 feet of water in your basement? Being told about it while you are in your hospital bed recovering from a non-related injury. What's a man supposed to do? Well, call someone of course. 

That's exactly what my friend did this morning. He called me and I was able to go help. His grandson's were there helping and he was doing what he could, directing traffic if you will. We got the debris cleared from the pump, carried out the trash we had bagged and swept the water into the pit. 

I hear a rumor that there are some who may need help but they don't want to "bother" anybody with their problems. They are content with just handling life's situations themselves or not allowing them to be handled at all. That's not you is it? You wouldn't risk your life, your family, or your mental and spiritual well-being just to, you know, avoid asking for help would you?

Scripture tells us here and here that in addition to the goodness that life offers, we all face storms at some point. It doesn't tell us that we have to go through them alone. We are told to love our enemies and to bless those who persecute us, which is true even if it is contrary to what seems normal. How much more so should we walk together with those we love? Shouldn't we walk together in good times and bad times, celebrations and mournings, in sunshine and rain? 

So, this brief and unplanned post is to tell you to think about your family. Not necessarily those connected by blood, but those for whom you would lay your life down and who would likely do so for you. If you don't have someone like that, isn't it time to change things? Allow others the opportunity to lend assistance to you which, in turn, gives them the freedom to call on you in times of need. The loads we carry are hard enough as it is. Let's not look at ourselves and one another as burdens for crying out loud. Let's be family.

The author is husband to an amazing wife, father to two beautifully grown daughters and papaw to two of the cutest and smartest kids ever created. He is currently the associate pastor at Tabernacle of Praise in Crestline, Ohio. At present, he is taking a break from his career as a Christian stand-up comic, however, if you would like to discuss him speaking to your church or group, feel free to contact him directly by e-mail at or by phone at 419-961-1265.

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